December 19, 2012

Music Class

I took Mallory to this KinderMusik Class today!
Mallory was a little nervous at first because we didn't know anyone there but she ended up loving it!
She did a great job! I was busy holding Colton so I wasn't able to help play music with Mallory as much as I would have liked to but it was good!
The theme was "Christmas Jingle" so there were a lot of wintery activities!
Miss Angie threw "snow" on the ground and the kids picked it up and threw it around. She also brought plates to use as ice skates and the kids walked on them!
Mallory got to take home her own "instrument" and a CD for the car! The class was really fun!
I think we will probably enroll in the January class! Yay!
Here's a few pictures! I didn't get anything great because I was holding Colt and I only had my phone! Next time! Mals had a cute bow in her hair but she ripped it out in the car. That girl!

When we got home, we relaxed and watched a show together! Love my cute kids!

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