December 20, 2012

3 Months Old

Little Colty Boy is 3 months old today!!
He has grown so much over the last month! Its crazy how fast things change with our tiny angel!
Colton doesn't have a physical appointment with Dr Jones this month so we don't have detailed stats but I weighed him and he is 13.5 pounds now(with his clothes on)!
Colton is very opinionated! He is good at letting you know that he doesn't like something!
He does not like the car seat at all! From the moment he gets in it to the moment we take him out, he screams! I mean screams. He gets himself so worked up that he is completely soaking by the time we get to where ever it is we are going! It is so sad!! Poor guy! I've tried shaking his car seat, sitting back there and talking to him/holding his hand. I've tried the pacifier for the 1000 time but that never works. He doesn't take the bottle very well but if you put it in his mouth while in the car, he will kinda play with it with his tongue. Every car ride seems to get a little better at least!
Colton does love the front pack though!! Yay! So if I have to run errands, I take the front pack and put him in there and Mals in the cart! It works out pretty good! It was just way to hard to try and carry him and push the cart or leave him in the car seat to scream the whole shopping trip! He also loves to go for walks in the front pack. He usually falls asleep!
Colton is eating rice cereal now! Yay! We first started mixing it in the bottle with the breast milk but he doesn't take the bottle very well so it was just going okay. He is getting pretty good with his head so we started doing the bumbo a little everyday! He loves to push his tongue out so eating with a spoon has been a learning experience but everyday I get a little more rice cereal down him! He seems to really like the bumbo though, he never cries in it! Yay!
 Colton is smiling and laughing a lot more! I love to see his face light up when we start talking to him!! Dustin is able to get him to laugh a lot which is soo cute! Love to see them play together! Mallory loves talking to Colt too. She mimics me when talking to him! Its so fun to see her grow and change as she plays with her brother!!
Colt still looks super tiny next to the meausuring moose but its still a fun picture! One of these days, he will be able to sit up next to the moose really good!

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