December 3, 2012

Christmas Tree

Dustin and I took the kids to go find the perfect Christmas tree!
First we started out the night by grabbing sandwiches with Mimi & Papa at Jimmy Johns.
Then we happened to find a lot that had NAY-NAYS! Yay! 
Unfortunately, the horses were fake but the still moved and Mallory LOVED it! She had to ride the ride 3 times! Of course! That girl! :)
We almost didn't get a tree at the Clovis & Herndon lot because the tiny 5 footers were $75!! Dang!
 I was about to send Dustin to Home Depot for a cheap tree but we ended up finding one for $40!
Sissy & KeyKey took Mals for a ride 

Baby Colty slept through the whole thing as usual!

 Sissy & Mimi giving Mallory kisses!
 We got home and Mallory did a great job of helping Mommy decorate! 
 She had a fun time dancing with her Santa while we listened to Christmas music.
It was a nice night! Can't wait to put the presents under the tree to see how excited she gets!

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