::Our Invetro Experience::

Dustin and I wanted to have children as soon as we got married! We tried for a few years and eventually found out that in order to get pregnant, we would have to do Artificial insemination or  Invetro fertilization! Dustin and I were not ready to make such a big financial commitment knowing that it might not even work. We signed up for adoption first and received Mallory 7 months later.
About a year or so after Mallory was born, Dustin and I received some inheritance money. We knew this was going to be our only good chance to try Invetro. So we took our inheritance money along with a personal loan and started fertility treatments.

Info on the Dr we chose!
We tried Artificial Insemination (IUI) first. The procedure doesn't have as successful results as IVF but is significantly cheaper so we thought we would try just in case we got lucky! We participated in 4 rounds of IUI with no success. We took a break for a couple of months then finally committed to trying Invetro!
We did our first round of Invetro in November 2011. Dr Sueldo was able to extract a good amount of eggs and we were able to inseminate a decent amount of embryos. Dr Synn implanted 2 fresh embryos but 2 weeks later we found out our IVF was unsuccessful! I just about died! We have spent so much money with nothing in return. I was still happy we had tried thought!

We had a few embryos left from Novembers round of IVF, so we able to try one last time with 3 frozen embryos. We participated in our 2nd round of Invetro using 3 frozen embryos on Jan. 17th 2012. Two weeks later we found out that this round of Invetro was a SUCCESS!!! 
We were finally pregnant! What a miracle!  

I am so grateful that the Lord had a plan for our family! He made it possible for Dustin and I to have a family! It was not an easy road but it was definitely worth it!
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