::About Us::

"Dust/Cowboy Dusty/Dusty-Lynn/Dusty-Rose/Dusty-Buns"
My Husband
Grew up in Fresno
Went on a Mission to Ohio
Works for PG&E in Merced
Loves Guns, Airplanes, fast Cars & XBox with his friends
Me! (Wife)
Grew up in Clovis
Got an RDA license
Works part-time for Dr. Darren Bogle
Loves chalkboard decorating, the kids, making BIG bows & blogging

"Mal Pal/Missy Mals/Malsy-Palsy"
Baby Girl
Born in Tennessee
Attends Nursery
Stays at home with mom, plays with our nanny & goes to preschool part time
Loves reading, watching shows, riding horses, swing-sets & coloring
"Colt/Colty/Colty Bear/Brother"
Baby Boy
Born in Clovis
Loves to eat all the time, good sleeper, and loves to run around!

Jackson Residence

Fresno California Temple

-Our Families-
The Dockstader Side
(Missing Ryan, Ashlie, Michael & Miles)
 The Tanner Side

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