December 25, 2012

Christmas at the Tanners

Christmas morning we woke the kids up at 7 and headed to Nonna & Papas house!
Mallory was beyond excited!!! Baby Colton was sleeping off and on and poor guy had no idea what was going on or why we woke him to take him out in the cold!
We started with our stockings! Mallory had her own Hello Kitty one and Colton had a snowman one!
Mals got bathtub crayons, barbie toys, pez, little m&ms and a book!
Colty got a sippy up for 4 month old, soft books and a few toys!
Dusty and I got a carmel apple, candy, gum, movie tickets, in and out gift card, Carl's Jr gift card, Starbucks gift card and Asian back massage gift card!
Here is Mallory all ready to go!!
 Mals and Uncle Brent

Sibling Gift Exchange!
We gave Brooke a sign for Cash's room & Shaun a gun magazine. They loved them! Dustin got clothes from Brad & Brooke made me a calendar! So sweet!! Brent got a car wash & food gift card from Shaun & Brad got clothes from Brent!
Colton slept through the whole thing!
 Cash got some books from Nonna!
 Dad got peanut brittle from Sees candy from us and some shirts from Nonna!
Mallory opened all her gifts! She got puzzles, a dog that reads to you with movies and books and books! Colty got a activity center! Can't wait for him to use it!!

Mallory loved opening our gifts too!
This box had a paper in it saying my parents got us a new TV stand!! Yay!!
We needed a new one soo bad!! We love it!!!
We had a great morning opening gifts followed by a fantastic homemade breakfast by my dad!
We are so blessed!

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