December 22, 2012

Dustin's Birthday part 1

We celebrated Dustin and Ashlies birthdays today!
Kim had us over to their house for dinner, cake/ice-cream and gifts!
We ate Yosemite Ranch tri-tip, salad, mash potatoes and green beans
We had a yummy cookies & cream with white cake ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins
Kim & Dave gave Dustin some gun magazines for his gun, some gloves and some boot covers! Dustin loved his gifts!
Ashlie got a ring from her mom & some foundation MAC make-up from us!
Mallory loved helping Daddy blow out the candles and she LOVED the cake!!
It was great to see Ashlie & Michael! They have been living in Utah for the past 6 months! They met baby Colton for the first time tonight!
Dustin and I before we left for his moms house!
A few pictures from my phone of the night!
Papa & Colty, KeyKey, Mals & Sissy playing and Uncle Michael holding Colt for the first time!

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