December 25, 2012

Christmas at the Dockstaders

After we had breakfast and Christmas with the Tanners, we headed to the Dockstaders!
Mallory was so excited! Especially now that she knows how to open the presents!!
Mals, Colt & Dust playing by the stairs!
Sydne helping Mals open up a puzzle!
 Mallory thinks all the gifts are hers so shes helping Syd unwrap her present!
 Mals had to help KeyKey too!
Mallory got her favorite thing right now...HORSES!!
Mallory got the Tangled Doll and matching Horse! She loved it!
Then Mimi Kim pulled out this BIG horse and Mallory about died! She loves is!!
She wanted Colty to ride with her so we put him on there for a sec! She sat on it forever!
So excited to bring it home!
Mimi loved her foot print of Colt to match her hand print of Mals!
 Mom and Colt hanging out!
Mimi Kim holding Colt while Papa catches a smile on camera!
 Syd playing with Colton! He was much more awake than he was at Nonnas house!
David, Dustin and Ryan got matching Military Boots! Dustin needed a new pair bad! He loves to wear them when he works outside in the yard and goes gun shooting!
Dustin also got a lantern, flashlight and sleeping bag!
 I got a pink sweater, blue cardigan, white button-up shirt, pencil skirt and neck less
We had a great Christmas and we are so thankful to have such wonderful families that take such good care of us!!

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