December 13, 2012

Always Sick

So Mallory is always sick!
This girl! I swear! I don't really understand how she gets sick so often but she does.
She doesn't attend a daycare, she doesn't have her tonsils anymore & she on all sorts of vitamins & probiotics! But she manages to catch something every few weeks!
About 2 1/2 weeks ago she started with a cold. Coughing and runny nose. It didn't get better so I took her to the Dr where he said she had strep throat! So he put her on Keflex, her regular throat meds (Zovarax), and a steriod for the cough. She woke up with a fever thats when I finally took her in.
Here is a few pictures from the day I took her to see Dr Jones. She had quite the rough day. She had wet the bed, woke up with a fever, threw up at Dr Jones from the strep culture so we had to take her clothes off! Ha. It was a rough day!
That day and the rest of the week were spent looking like this! 
Mallory falling asleep anywhere because she didn't feel good and making the house a mess! 
I didn't mind because she gave me the cold too!!

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