December 14, 2012

Boys Weekend

Dustin went to LA this weekend with Chad to visit their friend Spencer! 
Spencer is getting married next month and so they all wanted to do something fun!
I'm happy they found time to get together because its so hard with Chad in the Masters program, Dustin starting a new job with no time off and a new baby at home and Spence with a full time CHP job and wedding plans!
The went out to breakfast, did some flight simulator thing, looked at Bass Pro shop, ate Philly
cheese-steaks, went mini golfing and ate pizza! Dustin had a blast!
This is left me and kids home alone!
I'm not going to lie! It was a little rough!
Mallory likes a lot of attention and Colt is only 2 mos old so he also needs a lot of attention.
 Not to mention, Colty got the cold Mals decided to share with all of us!
 I got desperate and gave Mallory 2 of her toys that were originally for Christmas!
I'm super glad I did. Both entertained her for quite a while!!
Coloring in her Minnie-Mouse jumbo coloring pad and pushing around her baby in her new stroller!
 We decided to spend one of the nights at Nonnas house so she could help us! Mallory loved sleeping in Nonnas bed and I loved snuggling with my sick Colty in the "green" room!
 There was a lot of crying but eventually Mallory would fall asleep! Thank Heavens!
Somebody didn't want to leave Nonnas house!
 But it worth Dustin ditching me for 3 days when he came home with this beauty!!
A new Michael Kors purse! It was one of Christmas presents but I begged to have it now!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Dusty did a good job!

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