December 16, 2012

Everyday Pictures

Loving the Christmas season! Pumpkin spice hot chocolate! Heaven in a cup!!
Yum!! Tastes like pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! 
We've been doing a lot of this lately!
Looking at the Christmas lights down Cindy Lane. Mallory loves it! She loves to get in the front seat with Daddy and Nonna and "drive"! Colton has slept through most of the trips but I'm sure he will love it next year! I want to take Mallory on the horse sleigh ride but I can't seem to figure out how to get on it!! Weird!!!

Mallory's hair is getting out of control once again! Well actually, I guess I never really had a good hold on it in the first place. Poor girl. First she didn't have any and then she had that mullet but we got it cut so it looked cute for a while and now its growing out again but mostly on top! Mimi Kim likes to put Mals hair in puffs so that's fun every now and then!
Colton is growing and changing everyday! He is starting to get so fun!! He still makes these crazy serious faces but she smiles too! The other day I had him laying down on his play mat while I made Mallory lunch and I came back to find him smiling and laughing at himself. It was the cutest thing! So I grabbed the mirror so he could see better and he started to giggle even more!! My sweet baby! Love him!!
We started the Bumbo this week!
At first Colt wasn't very good at holding his head up but by the end of the week we were doing great! He has been eating little amounts of rice cereal! Its fun to watch him try and figure out how to eat from a spoon. I remember when we did that with Mallory. Love baby "firsts"!
 I've been pretty good at going for walks almost everyday! We like to go with Kilean! We have gone with Stephanie and Amy though too!
Mallory loves it! She has fallen asleep on me twice though! I usually push her in this cheap umbrella stroller cause she likes it the best! When Colton gets a little older, I'll put them both in the double stroller but for now, Colton is loving the front pack!!

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