September 27, 2012

Colton is 1 Week Old!

We took baby Colton to Dr Jones today for his first appointment there as a 6 day old baby boy!
Dr Jones was able to make it to Colton's delivery which was amazing because it was in the middle of his day and Dr Jones doesn't do that for just anyone so we felt very special!
Colton weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces which is in the 50th percentile. Colton was 7, 13 when he was born and then when we left the hospital he was 7, 3 so to be at 7, 9 is great! Dr Jones said he would consider anything over 7 pounds 6 ounces to be healthy! Yay! So I guess Colton is getting enough breast milk! Colton is 20 inches tall which is in the 20th percentile and his head circumference is 14 2/4 inches! He is doing great! Dr Jones said Colton is a little jaundice so we need to take him outside a little bit everyday for the next week. Dr Jones cut off his umbilical cord and cleaned out the rest so it would heal faster. He also thinks his eyes will turn green from the blue/gray they are now!
Here is Dr Jones and our handsome boy! Colton was in a super cute outfit for this appointment but I didn't get a picture of that! :(
 I decided to try out the measuring bear with Colton! I saw a few people do it and I think it is very cute! I'm also going to keep the chalkboard! A least for a while and see how it goes!
The next day we had to take Colton back to get circumcised which was not a pleasant experience for everyone involved! I was holding poor Colton's hand and rubbing his head which unfortunately made me witness the whole sad experience! Agh! Here is Nonna, Mallory and Colton waiting for Dr Jones to do Colton's circumcision. :( I'm just glad it is over!

Here is a few pictures from this first week! It is amazing how much love Dustin and I feel for a tiny baby boy!


Nicole said...

He is SOOO cute Brit! I'm glad all is going well with breast feeding :) Also, it's amazing how Heavenly Father blesses us with SOOO much love for his children, a miracle! ps. I still need to meet your handsome young man :)

Harrison and Christine said...

Britt, he is the cutest! And I love that you go to Dr. Jones - I had him as MY pediatrician. Miss you!!