September 21, 2012

2 Babies on the same day!

 Cousins born on the same day!
My sister Brooke & her husband Shaun had their baby
Cash Michael Tucker
9-20-12 at 5:58am
7 lbs, 5 oz & 20 inches long

Which happens to be the same day that Dustin and I had our baby Colton!
My sister and I had the babies around 10 hours apart! Isn't that crazy?!
 Both at Clovis Community Hospital and both via C-Section
Me with baby Cash 2 hours before baby Colton was born!
 Here is a picture of the boys in their hospital box beds!
Brooke and I were only 2 doors/rooms down from each other!
A picture with a very happy Nonna (our mom) holding both her daughters boys!
(My son, Colton is on the left side of the picture)

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