September 22, 2012

Our family is now COMPLETE!

Our family grew this weekend from 3 to 4!
9-20-12 4:46pm
7lbs, 13oz & 20 3/4 in long
Here's the story!
Dustin and I went to Clovis Community Hospital on Thursday around 2pm for a scheduled c-section at 4pm!

Mimi & Papa waiting with us! Excited to meet their first grandson!

Nonna excited to welcome her 2nd grandson!
Getting my IV by Nurse Suzi
Dustin holding baby Colt right after the surgery!

Dr Stewart Mason (my regular OB), Dustin, Colton & Dr. Curry

Me holding baby Colton for the 1st time!

Colton getting his first bath!

Nonna & Papa minutes after Colton was born

Uncle Ryan, Papa David & Daddy Dustin holding baby Colt
Aunt Sydney (Sissy) holding baby Colt
Aunt Amy came to visit on her lunch hour!
First time together as a family of 4
Mimi Kim brought Mals to meet her little brother!
Mallory wanted to give baby Colt a pacifier!

Baby Colton gave Mallory a new bear!
 The damage! Sexy stretch marks and a c-section scar! All worth it for this tiny miracle!
 Colton all ready to go home in his new car seat!
We are finally home and everyone is healthy and happy!


Harrison and Christine said...

Brittany! He's perfect!! I'm so excited for you and have been thinking about you for days!!!

Fisher Family Fun said...

Congrats!! Don't lift too much, keep walking around and enjoy the new baby! He is so cute!!

Rodica Botan said...

Blessings to all of you. We , Dustin's friends here in mapping department at PGE wish you all health and happiness and a good night sleep...

Lindsey said...

Congrats! So excited for you and your COMPLETE family :)

PalsRWe said...

Soooo precious. Congratulations Brittany what a special little miracle. U look fabulous in all the pics.. Yippy for feeling so COMPLETE as a family. I know the feeling and it is wonderful. How do u like Dr. Mason as your OB? Hugs, kiley Powell