September 6, 2012

36 Weeks!

So I'm 36 Weeks pregnant this week and I am really starting to feel it! Most of the time, I feel great! But after the rough 2 weeks with Mallory's surgery, its catching up to me! Maybe it's because I had an appointment or 2 every day this week that kept me out running around instead of relaxing with Mallory! I saw Dr Mason twice this week, Dr Helm once and then Mallory had her 10 day follow-up appointment with Dr Ballacer. We got it done though! I've gained offically 20 pounds this week! I think thats pretty good though!
Here is my chalkboard picture! I'm sure going to miss doing these!
 This week was also my 4 week check-up appointment with Dr Helms office. They had a new girl training on the ultrasound machine so I didn't get any good pictures this week! The office puts them on a CD for you after every visit and usually I have a few good profile shots and a 3D picture but on this CD I had 4 pictures total and they were all crap! Ha! Oh well, at least I have good ones from before! (Can you even tell what they are supposed to be?!?)

Dr Helm and Dr Mason talked at this appointment and decided on a C-Section date for us! Its going to be Thursday, September 20th at 12:30pm! Yay! I will be just under 38 weeks! We are so excited!!! We have 13 days to be completely prepared! Yay!

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