September 26, 2012

Mals 2 Year Physical

Mallory had her 2 year old physical today. I know she is 2 years & 2 months old but we have been busy and its not like she doesn't see Dr Jones like every week!
Mallory weighs 22 pounds which is in the 25 percentile and she is 33 inches tall which is in the 50 percentile! The nurse didn't measure her head circumference this time. Oh well. Dr Jones said she looked great and that her throat has healed very nicely! (Super glad we did that tonsillectomy!)
She is getting so big and talking in such long sentences! Example: Momma, I brush Dada teeth. Some of her other favorite things to say are: Huh, go away daddy(she wants me to do it instead), I'm too fat(have no idea where that came from but she says it when she doesn't fit into a hiding spot), Do it, Hello, I'm scared(the dogs bark next door), No No, I'm full(even tho shes not/she just doesn't want to eat), please, I go/I go(when she sees something she wants to do on TV), not now mom, I go to work, knock knock and there is many more but I'm having a hard time thinking of them!
She loves to sing, dance and play on her bed! Mallory is mostly a happy girl! Her favorite movie right now is Tinkerbell! She can literally watch it 5 times in one day if I let her. (Like when she had her tonsils done)
Mallory is doing great with her baby brother! She loves to throw away his diapers, hold his head when he squirms and she loves to tell me that he is crying and she proceeds to try and give him a pacifier. Ha! Love our tiny angel! Here is Mallory swinging next to baby Colt. We have 2 swings and the one she is sitting in is for up to 30 pounds and since she is only 22 pounds, I allowed it! ha!
Here is a picture of my cute girl after her 2 year old physical! I found new use for my chalkboard and decided to start a measuring bear!

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