September 15, 2012

Mallory as an only child!

Here are a few pictures of Mallory over the last couple of weeks! We have been enjoying our time as a family of 3 before we have baby brother and become a family of 4!
(The pictures are not the best quality because I took them on my phone and Mallory doesn't always want to pose! Ha) 
We took Mallory back to the zoo where she was obsessed with the Moe-Moes (Monkey)
 Mallory playing with her swimming hat! We like to protect her bald head from the Sun!
 Mallory is starting to refuse to wear bows! Sad, sad day for me! She doesn't mind wearing a head band that doesn't match and only if she can wear it her way! My gosh!
 We got a potty training chair and I've started to read the 3 day potty training book! Mallory is definitely ready! She talks about it and is starting to hide when she goes #2! Ha Here is Mallory playing with her new chair. She doesn't quite understand that its not a toy!
 Mallory and Daddy love to wrestle on the couch when Daddy gets home from work!
 Mallory loves Daddy's sunglasses (Tokyo Steakhouse) and she loves ice-cream! She loves her roo-roo(Dog) backpack and sitting on the top of the couch! (We are working on that!) And every now and then I find her sitting straight up sleeping! Silly girl!

 Brushing our teeth!

We went to the Fresno Grizzlies baseball game the other night with Mimi & Papa! David got to throw the first pitch! Yay! We also were able to get in free throuugh Napa Auto Parts! Here is Mallory and Papa riding the nay-nays(horse)!

We love our cute girl! I will miss having so much one-on-one time with her!

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