October 11, 2012

3 Week Old Baby Colt!

We sure do love having Colton in our family!! He is such a cute little old man! He is now 3 weeks old! Even though he is so little, I can already see a lot of similarities and differences between him and Mallory!

1. Mallory had a dry skin condition the first 6 months of her life called Seborrhea and this week I noticed Colton has it in between his thighs!
2. Both kids love to be held! Colton doesn't ever want me to put him down which makes it a little hard to help Mallory during the day!
3. Both kids are pretty good sleepers except Colton moves a lot when he sleeps so I always think he is waking up where as Mallory never moved(s)!
1. Mallory loved the pacifier. Colton won't take either kind to save his life. He gags on both! :(
2. Colton cries more than Mallory did (at least of what I can remember). It seems like if he is not sleeping or breastfeeding, he is crying! I think Mallory would have been crying too during this time but she wasn't because she had the pacifier!
3. Colton gets a lot of gas and Mallory rarely had gas! You would think Mallory would have gotten it more often because she was bottle/formula fed but she didn't.

I know there were more similarities and differences but I can't think of any right now! (Besides the obvious ones)

I took Colton to Dr Jones at 20 days old. Colton's right eye has been crusty and Dr Jones said it was a clogged tear duct! A lot better than what I thought it might have been...pink eye! Dr Jones said that Colt is 9 pounds now! Yay! So that means he is eating great!

Here are some random pictures from the last couple of days!

Uncle Brent, Colton and Mallory! 11 days old!

The many faces of Colton David! I call this the "Grumpy old man" Look! 15 days old!
 13 days old! Mallory loves to kiss on baby Colt! (Sorry, Dustin told me the picture looks like Colt is dead. Rude!) Ha Oops
Mallory and Colton at 18 days old! She sure loves to hold him! Love my little angels!

Mallory loves to hold baby Colt! She is getting better at holding him! (Exactly 3 weeks old today!)
 Yay! Cousins! Colton and Cash- 21 days old! I haven't been able to visit my sister and new nephew very much since we have both been stuck mostly at home!
 Auntie Brooke holding Colton and her baby Cash
Mallory has been doing A LOT of swinging on her swings and the slide in our backyard! I am loving being able to stay home with my kiddos!
Mals went to the Fresno Fair with Mimi Kim and rode the nay-nays! She loved it!

 Mallory makes the craziest faces!

Auntie Kynan (KeyKey) and Baby Colton at 23 days old!
Kynan, Colton, Mimi Kim and Mallory!





Fisher Family Fun said...

Riley had the crusty eyes and gas too! They crusty eyes went away after a long time. The gas we had to get gas relief meds for her. She would scream so much! The gas meds made her burp easier and her pain went away.

Jessica Krewson said...

He is so cute! And our little nate is super fussy and in pain and the doctors had me go off all dairy chocolate broccoli and onions and that has helped a ton! It had to be for 5 days for there to be a complete difference and if that hadn't worked they had thought acid reflux because if they don't want to be put or laid down it coukd be because the acid is coming up their throat. Hope that is,maybe helpful I'm just hoping I can stick with it!