October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch! We heard the patch on Clovis/Herndon had horses so we had to check it out!! Yay! Mallory talks about NayNays all the time! She loves them!
Nonna, Papa, TeeTee, Uncle Chad, Momma, Daddy, Mallory & Baby Colt had a great time playing and looking around!
Here is Daddy & Mals ready to go!
 Mommy & Baby Colt all bundled up!
 Mallory riding her nay-nay! Her favorite thing to do! We might have let her ride them 3 times! (At $5 bucks each time..my gosh!)

 Mommy & Papa
 TeeTee& Nonna taking Mallory down the slides! She loved it! We might have gone down it 4 times!

 Mals, TeeTee & Uncle Chady
 Little Family of 4!
 This is Mallory getting ready to ride the cars and then...
 During the ride! We had to ask the man to stop the ride so we could get her off! Poor girl got scared!
 Nonna & Papa are so fun!

 And we couldn't leave the patch without riding the nay-nays one more time!
We had a blast! Can't wait for Colton to be able to enjoy the pumpkin patch instead of sleeping through the whole thing! :) Ha

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