October 20, 2012

1 Month Old

Baby Colton is 1 month old today!! Time has flown by! I feel like we were just leaving for the hospital the other day! Maybe because it has been a crazy month! Colton has been a wonderful baby lately! I finally figured him out! I think he was crying constantly because his tummy was upset! I stopped eating all diary products and greasy foods plus Ive continued to not eat chocolate. Ever since I've stopped the diary products, Colton seems to be much better! Plus after the antibiotics from the hospital, Colton has been a more content and happy baby! So it must have just been a combination of the dairy and being sick! We are so grateful that we have a happy healthy baby again! I feel so bad for not realizing the dairy problem sooner!!
Colton had his One month check-up with Dr Jones this week! Colton is looking great! Dr Jones said he looked healthy since the hospital visit! His head circumference is measuring 15.5 inches (75%), his height is 23 3/4 inches (97%) which is means Colton grew 3 inches since birth!! That's crazy fast for 1 month! Colt is going to be tall and skinny like his Daddy! Colton now weights 9 pounds, 14 ounces (25%) which is a little over 2 pounds since birth! He is getting so big, so fast! :( Its fun watching him grow! Mallory has never been over 50% on her head, height or weight!
Here are a few pictures of our cute little man!

 Mallory wanted to sit by the measuring bear too! I should have done this picture when I did her 2 year old physical! Oh well!
Here are a few random pictures from this week too! Love our family!

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Jessica Krewson said...

Glad the lack of dairy helped! Its no fun know I'm feeling your pain. He is such a cute little guy and mal is adorable with him