October 31, 2012


Mallory was very excited about Halloween this year! I was excited for her too because she actually knew what was going on! We started Halloween with a few pairs of PJs from the clearance rack at Old Navy last year!
Here is Mallory in her hot pink Zebra costume from Costco! She wore it to go Trunk-or-Treating with Nonna & Papa!

We also went to the Underwood's house to carve pumpkins again this year! I think this was our 4th year carving pumpkins with their kids! Dustin helped Cody carve a "x-box" game thing! Ha! Cami, Mallory and I carved a "ghost" pumpkin! Half way thru, us girls got tired so we let James finish it up and we visited with Becky on the couch! Here is the only picture I managed to take! I'm hoping to get more from Becky!
We went to my Uncle Jerrod & Aunt Amy's house again this year! Dustin helped with the haunted house again as the scary clown! He loves it! My family & Dustin's family were able to meet there too so we could all take Mallory Trick-or-Treating together!
Here is Sissy & Mallory getting ready to go!

 My Little Tinkerbell! Mallory has been OBSESSED with Tinkerbell since August! We have all 4 movies now!!
 Dustin as the Clown, Me and Baby Colt! (Colt slept the whole night in Nonnas arms!) Colton's first Halloween! He was even wearing a long sleeve onesie that said that!

 Nonna & Mallory going up to her first house!
 Mimi & Papa walking to another house!

We had a great year Trick-or-Treating! Can't wait for next year when Baby Colt can participate with us!!
Here is a few pictures from the Haunted House that my Uncle Jerrod took!

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Kacey said...

I LOOVVVE Mals costumes! Especially the hot pink zebra! Any yes maybe next year I will have to bring the kiddos there for Halloween!