October 17, 2012

Baby Colt gave us quite the scare!

We had quite the scare with baby Colton this week.
Sunday night Colton was very fussy. He cried/screamed for 3 1/2 hours straight. I could not get him to calm down to save my life! I tried to feed him but he would just scratch his face up and not latch on. We tried to burp him, rub his stomach thinking maybe he needed to poop, we rocked him and tried to walk around bouncing him. Nothing worked! We eventually took his temperature, just in case he was sick, but not thinking he wasn't since he really didn't feel warm. The temperature said 100.6! We called the Dr and the Dr on call said to just watch him close through the night and if his temperature got to 101.0 then to take him to the hospital. That night Colt slept pretty good and his temperature was normal all night.
In the morning(Monday) his temperature was still normal but I called Dr Jones office to let them know what happened and see what they thought. Dr Jones called me back around lunch and said if Coltons temperature gets to 100.4 then to call his office and come down. Sure enough, an hour later, I took his temperature and it was 100.2. So I called the office and then headed down. Dr Jones did a blood test but it kept clotting so he couldn't read the test. Dr Jones did a physical exam and couldn't find anything unusual so he sent us to the emergency room at Children's Hospital. Dr Jones said infants under 8 weeks old should never have a temperature over 99.8. I headed to the hospital but by the time I got there his fever was gone again. The hospital kept Colton anyway to run tests. The ER Dr ran a urine test, a blood culture and a spinal fluid test. Then we had to wait. They keep all infants under 8 weeks a minimum of 48 hours to see how the cultures develop. Poor Colton was poked 3 times by the nurses trying to get his IV started. I thought I was going to die but mostly I wanted to kill someone! The Dr's started 2 antibiotics just in case the cultures came back positive for a bacterial infection such as sepsis or spinal meningitis. We immediately noticed a difference in Colton's fussiness, he was a much happier baby!  
Long story short, after 3 long days(Wednesday night) the cultures all came back negative for a bacterial infection. The Dr's and Dr Jones think that Colton had a viral infection and since he is only 3 weeks old, his body could not fight off the infection. We don't know how it got it because no one in our house is sick and we have been really good about not letting everyone hold him and staying home!
We are just so thankful that Colton is home healthy and happy! We love our tiny miracle baby and are so glad the Dr's took such good care of him!
Here are a few pictures from the visit! Poor little baby! Its so hard to watch your child in pain!
This is the Nurse taking out his IV right before we left! :( Side note: They weighed Colton while we were there and he is 9 pounds 10 ounces now! (Almost 2 pounds before 1 month old) Wow! I guess he is not going to be a small 20 pounds like his sister at 2 years old!


Harrison and Christine said...

Brittany, how scary!! Glad he is ok. :)

Jessica Krewson said...

How scary I'm glad everything went well and he was ok. doesn't baby colt know he is not allowed to scare his mom like that?