April 28, 2013

Vintage Days

Jaclyn and I took our kids to Vintage Days at Fresno State this weekend!
I like Vintage Days better than Big Hat Days or Farmers Market because you can buy an unlimited kid pass for $5!!! That's crazy cheap!
Mallory and Brixton had a blast!
They rode the horses 3 times! (At Big Hat Days each ride was $7!!), they went to the petting zoo, jumped in the bounce house and down the slide, ate snow cones and got balloons!
What a fun day!
(Colton and I visited the First5 breastfeeding friendly bus! That was actually so nice! I was able to stay longer at Vintage Days because I wasn't rushing home/car to feed!)

Now that Colton is older, I am loving being able to put him in the shopping cart at different stores!
Costco's shopping cart is the VERY BEST because they have two slots! Mallory doesn't need to be in the cart and most of she prefers to walk but it makes it so much nicer for me to not have to worry about her! Plus look at these two cuties! They love to be together!
Thursday night I went to Cheesecake Factory with a few girls from church to celebrate Shalee's new baby boy! We had a great time!

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