April 15, 2013

What we've been up to!

Papa Stan came over to visit after dropping Uncle Brad off at the airport!
Mallory played on the swing and talked his ear off!
We went to Nonnas & Papas for Sunday dinner. Mallory decided it is warm enough to swim! Crazy Girl! The boys had a great time "talking" to each other in their matching white onesies!
We went to Woodward Park to feed the Ducks! It was fun! I was all worried there weren't going to be any ducks but there was a ton! They were attacking us too! Ha! They know what's up!
After we fed the ducks, we let the kids play on the slides for a bit!
Then Mallory fell and scrapped her knee while running! She seriously cried for a half hour! I tried and tried to make her feel better but every time she looked down it would start all over! She just really wanted a band-aid to make it better!
My cute little kids love to take a picture for Daddy every day and text it to him! Mallory loves to love on Colton! Its very cute!
We went over to Stephanie & Tuckers new house! The kids had a great time playing and feeding the ducks in her complex!

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