April 6, 2013


We had another fun week and weekend!
Mallory has been insisting that her babies sleep with her during nap time! It's very cute! She tucks them all in and tells them she loves them! I love how she tells them the same things that I tell her. Its very cute! It has also made me more aware that she is really picking up on the little things now! I'm trying to be more careful about what I say... at least around her! Ha!
Colty is getting better and better everyday at sitting up on his own! Yay!
 We had Bryn & Brixton over to play! The weather has been great! The kids enjoyed a little Taco Bell & McDonalds! :)
 Mallory and I ran to Michael's crafts store for a little mother/daughter time. Daddy stayed home while Colton slept. Mallory is in love with suckers! We had to have a bath when we got home!
 The best part about having 2 kids verses 1 kid, is how well they entertain each other! Mallory is really good about talking to Colton and trying to make him laugh! Its very cute! Makes the car rides a little easier since Colton hates the car and won't take the pacifier!  
Mallory loves to hold Colton. He is only 6 pounds lighter than Mallory now! Ha!
Mallory is still in Kindermusik class. She still really enjoys it. Dustin was off this last week, so I was able to take Mallory by myself. It was really nice to be able to focus just on her.
 Mallory has been letting me put bows in her hair again this week! Thank heavens! I LOVE bows but Mal hadn't been into as much until lately. We bought 3 new bows this week. Very cute! They are tiny bows, which is definitely not my style but I figured we should have a few different types just for fun.
 I made a pineapple upside down cake in my cast iron skillet this week for Dr Bogle's birthday!
 I enjoyed it so much, I made it an additional 2 times! Ha! Each time I changed the recipe a little. I think I finally have it perfect!
 Our little family went out to Yoshinos on Dustin's day off. There was no one there! So nice. The kids did great! Colt enjoyed some rice!
 The kids and I went to Big Hat Days with Aunt TeeTee. Uncle Chad & Daddy went to the Gun Show. Mallory got to ride the horses! She was in heaven. She had the best time. I loved her smiling face. We rode it twice then went to get corn dogs and drinks. We looked around for a bit and then came back to ride the horse. Mallory was on her 3rd ride and the lady behind us said her daughter was too scared so she gave us her ticket so Mallory got to stay on for a 4th ride. Well they were running a special for buy 4 rides, get 1 free. As Mal was getting off her 4th round, the man asked me if this was Mals 4th ride (he recognized her) and I said yes and so she got to stay on for another round! My goodness. She had a great time!

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