April 14, 2013

A few pictures from this week!

We tried Popeye's this week! The fried chicken was great! I'm not sure I like it more than KFC but it was good!
 We went to the park between Conference sessions. The kids enjoyed the sun and fresh air!
 Our friends, Beau & Lindee, are in town this month! We took them to our favorite place! Amy and her two kids were in town too! Stephanie and Tucker were also able to make it to Dusty Buns! We had a great time catching up and meeting sweet baby London! Yay!
 Mallory has been more adventurous in music class lately! We only have 3 lessons left for this semester! :(
 I was asked to decorate a table this weekend for women's conference! The theme was "brilliant at the basics"! We were to pick a gospel principal and do a table based on that! I chose "Faith". I think it turned out pretty darn cute! There were sooo many other cute tables!
Mimi Kim helped us with some flowers. She also made Mallory her own little arrangement! Mallory loves them!
Dustin wanted to take his airplane out to fly so the kids and I tagged along.
 It was a beautiful spring night! 
 A dove decided to make her nest on our meter box! Ha! I saw 2 eggs in her nest when she was out! Dustin wanted to move the nest but I'm personally excited for the eggs to hatch!
 We went with Papa & Nonna to PetsMart to get their dogs some food and also to let Mallory look at the animals! She loves it! Colton was pretty entertained by the fish too! After the store, we went to Jamba Juice. Mallory loves Jamba! Colt does too. Ha. I spooned some in his mouth and he cried for more! Hes so funny! Colton LOVES to eat!
Love our growing kids!
PS. Colton is currently only 5/6 pounds lighter than Mallory! Haha!

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