April 20, 2013

7 Months Old & a Bow-Tie!

 Colton is 7 months old this week!!
He did not have a physical appointment this month so we don't know exact measurements but I did weigh him and he is 17.5 pounds! Holy Cow!
I attempted to trace his hand and foot prints but he wasn't really allowing it!
Colton still LOVES to eat! He has been eating waffles with strawberry jam with me in the mornings and he even tried raviolis at dinner the other night! He loves graham crackers and veggie straws!
He still drools a lot even though he doesn't have any teeth! Ha. Silly boy has been drooling since he was 3 months old for fun!
He loves to take baths with Mallory and I. Thank heavens! Colton hated the bath time in the sink but does great in the big kid tub where he can sit up. He even enjoys "tea party" time with Mallory.
He is attempting to crawl more and more everyday! You can tell my these pictures that he is on the go! I sat him down and he immediately rolled over! I posted a video on Facebook of his attempts to crawl!!
 Colton did visit Dr Jones this last week though for a small cold and a tiny sinus infection. I thought he had an ear infection because he has been pulling on his right ear a lot but maybe he just now discovered his ears?! So thankful he is pretty healthy! (Maybe, it's because I'm still breastfeeding?)

Mallory and Colton before church!
Mallory has been wanting to wear her hair "up" like Mommy lately! Poor girl has short hair but we have been rocking a tiny top pony with a cute bow!
Colton got a new bow tie from Little Mr. Isn't it the cutest!
I love them so much, I bought 3 more! I originally bought 2 but I need more to give away as gifts!
Little Mr has really impressed me.
The bow-ties are so much easier than traditional bow-ties. They simply button onto any button-up shirt! There is no strap or clip! I love them!!
They have a few cute colors but I chose to Gray! So handsome!
Check out their Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/littlemrties
Use code: 032713 for 20% off!

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