May 5, 2013

Fun Activities with Friends!

We have two friends in town this week visiting!
Whitney, Truman and Emmett came over to visit one morning! The kids played in the playroom and outside on the swing set! Katie, Whitney and I visited inside! 
This is the only picture I got of Mal and Truman! They were too busy running around for a picture! 
 We went to the Zoo with the Kellogg & the Barlocker kids!
Brayden, AJ, McClane, Cooper, Mallory, Colton & Wesley
 I tried to get a picture of all the kids in front of the Elephants but it was hard! Ha!
I got the back of their heads a lot! We watched the sea lions at the new sea lion cove and we watched the bird show too! So fun!
 The Henderson's are also in town this week for Brad's wedding! Yay!
Becca and Blake came to music class with us! (Bryce and Colton were there too!)
The girls had a great time dancing around and playing with instruments! 
 After music class, we got Taco Bell and came back to the house to play!
Thursday night, we went over to the Bacigalupi's house to swim with the kids! 
Lauren and Spencer are in town too.
Blake and Mallory swam to Becca! The water was pretty cold! Mallory practiced her new swimming skills. She jumped off the edge to Becca and swam to her a few times! Colton enjoyed veggie straws in a high chair next to Spencer!
 Friday morning, we went to Pump It Up! This was Mallory's 2nd time being there! The first time was for Brixton's birthday and so she kept asking me when it was time for Brixton's birthday cake! Silly girl! Mallory was so indepenedent this time it was sooo nice! She played great with the other kids! A lot of our friends came this week!
Nicole wtih Wesley, Jaclyn with Brixton & Brynley, Becca and Bryce with Blake, Chelsea with Kenzie & Piper, Laura with Dyllan and then us!
I wasn't able to get the kids to hold still let alone gather in one place so I don't have any good pictures! :(
After Pump It Up, we went to Taco Bell! Mallory wanted to ride with Brixton so Brynn rode with us!
Saturday night was Brad Bacigalupi's wedding reception at his parents house!
The decorations were so cute and the food was amazing!  
 Monday morning, we took the kids to the San Joaquin Fish Hatchery!
The kids loved feeding the fish!
The Summer Fun group came! Brooke with baby Cash, Nicole with Wesley, Becca with Blake and then Me with Mallory and Colton.
After the Fish Hatchery, we went to McDonalds!
The kids have had a great week full of fun activities!
So excited for our 28 summer activities!
Love Love Love this time of year!

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