May 28, 2013

Random Pictures

We went to Farmer's Market in Clovis this weekend! Mallory AND Colton rode the horses! Mal had a blast as usual and Colton wasn't so sure but he didn't cry! :) We also reserved 2 horses for Mallory's 3rd Birthday Party! Oops...I may or may not be getting out of control with this.
The kids LOVE bath time! Thank heavens! Mallory is still obsessed with tea-parties! She is trying to teach Colton to only pretend to drink the water and not actually drink it!
I got Eyelash extensions this week! Fun! I love them so far! You wake up looking ready to go!! 
Mallory is a little Diva. She has been running around the house with this crazy wig all week. It's very cute. (I kind of can't stand it though because it leaves hair every where on the floor and Colton tries to eat it!)

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