May 11, 2013

Bowling and More

I know this is a super blurry phone picture but I love the moment I was trying to capture!
Mallory has a shopping cart at home I bought her last Christmas and she pushes it everywhere! She loves to put her most favorite things in there. We jokingly call her a bag lady! Ha! She's really good at hoarding all her stuff in there! Anyway, last week I went to Savemart instead of my usual Costco/Winco trip and Mallory was in heaven! She had the best time collecting items from around the store and putting them in her basket! She looked super cute in her high heel flip flops!
I loved seeing her so happy!
 We had swim lessons again this week! Mallory is on lesson 8 of 12. She did great again today! She didn't cry at all this lesson! That's great! So far, she knows how to swim in the shallow end then stand up so in case she falls in she can just stand. She knows how to climb to the wall and pull herself out and swim to her teacher with her eyes open! She loves to get a snack from the Duck Hut after each lesson and a mermaid stamp!
Doesn't she look so cute in her sunnies?!
Thursday was Mallory's last Music Class with Miss Angie!
Mallory has really enjoyed her Kindermusik class over the last 16 weeks. I have seen a change in Mallory's confidence and social skills. She has really come out of her shell! I am also very proud of her manners. Mallory is so good at waiting her turn for an instrument and sitting nicely during reading time! I'm glad Colton could come too to see and hear different sounds! He seems to enjoy music too!
Brixton was able to come with us today! He had a great time exploring different sounds! Mallory likes to hang out with Brixton a lot!
 Becca and I took the girls (and Colty) to Costco on Saturday morning! The are so cute together!
Mallory likes to talk to Blake like she's a baby even though, Blake can easily take care of herself! Blake is so sweet and allows Mal to be in charge. Um, wonder where she gets that from?!
Just enjoying a little Costco pizza.
 On Saturday night, we went bowling!! We haven't been there in a while so it was fun! This was Mallory and Colton's first time! Mallory had a great time "pushing" the ball down the lane. Colton enjoyed a few snacks and being held/ rocked to sleep by TeeTee. It was a fun night!

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