January 31, 2013

First Teeth Cleaning

Mallory had her first teeth cleaning today at Dr Bogle's office!
Mallory was so excited to go to my "work" to get a toy out of the toy box and to see Jackie!
Jaclyn's patient had cancelled so we put Mals in the chair and Jaclyn cleaned her teeth!
Mallory did sooo much better than I thought she would! She screams every time we go to Dr Jones office and the one time I took her to Dr Powells office, we could barely do the exam! :)
I think Mallory did so much better today was because she knows the office as Mommy's work and it's fun because there are toys! I'm sure she felt more comfortable with Jaclyn too verses someone she didn't know because Jaclyn and I get our kids together on the weekends!
I would have cleaned Mallory's teeth myself but Jaclyn has a more qualified license than I do and I know she does great work!
Mallory wanted Talen the Tiger to tickle her teeth & bubble gum paste to clean them!
Mallory chose a green toothbrush and a purple dinosaur flosser to take home!
Dr Bogle started to come in to do an exam but Mallory was a little nervous about that one, so we will just wait until next time! I wanted today's visit to be only a happy one so she will want to come back!
Here is a little card that Nonnie (Elaine-our Office Manager) made Mallory for her scrapbook! 

Mallory did a great job! No crying and all smiles! So proud of her!! Yay!


Fisher Family Fun said...

Rebecca was like that when she first went to the dentist!
Yeah for Mallory!!

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