January 28, 2013

Full Weekend!

We were super busy this weekend! It was great though!
We had a bunch of things to go to but they were all fun!
Friday morning, the kids and I hung out at the house and relaxed!
Colton is really enjoying his toy! We got this activity center down from my parents attic (it used to be Mallory's) and he loves it! Colt loves to stand so its been great for him!
I love when Mallory talks to Colt. Its sooo cute! I love how his face lights up!
(I took the picture on my phone, so its not the best lighting!) 
Saturday, we woke up and went to Gymnastics class with Stephanie and Tucker!
Mallory did great again this week! Afterwards, we went to try a new sandwich truck called Benaddiction. Tiffany met us there! We all loved our sandwiches! We will probably go back next Saturday or maybe back to Judy's for donuts! :)
That afternoon we headed to Pump It Up in Madera for Brixton's 3rd Birthday Party!
Mallory had a blast!! That place is soo fun!
 The slides are huge! Mallory did great though! We got a funny video, so I'll post it later!
 Sunday we went to baby Cash's blessing. I posted about that separately!
Monday, the kids and I went to the Fresno Zoo with Jackie and her cute kids!
Colton sat in the stroller for the first time! Yay! Normally, I have to put him in the front pack and Mals in our single stroller! Having them both in the stroller made it so much easier on me!  

What a fun weekend!

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