January 20, 2013

4 Months Old

Colton David is 4 Months Old today!!! Yay!
Colton is growing and changing everyday!
 I love to watch all the small differences in him week by week!
Colton is currently wearing size 6 months clothes!!
This is funny for me since Mallory could still fit into 0-3 month clothes at 4 months old!
Here is Colton in a 6 month size outfit that Mimi got him for Christmas and it is already tight!
Colt had his 4 month physical appointment with Dr Jones this week!!
 Poor baby had to get 4 shots and an oral drink! He did pretty good though! Colt spent most of the rest of the day napping! We gave him the Advil every 8 hours for a little bit and it seemed to help even though he had a temperature of 100.6!
At 4 months old, Colty is 17 inches long, 25 2/4 inches tall (75%) and 14.9 pounds!
He has gained 7 pounds since he was born!! Crazy!
On Coltons actual 4 month birthday he rolled over from his back to his stomach! He had been rolling over occasionally from his stomach to his back so this was a fun suprise!
I laid him on the board to take the picture and the first thing he did was try to roll over! Sweet guy!
 Colty loves to eat his hand and any toy he can get a hold of!!
He is a drooling machine because of this!
 Looking so big next to the measuring moose!
Mallory sure loves her baby brother! She loves to be everywhere with him! She has been such a great help! Mals loves to get me diapers, annouce when he is crying by saying Colty awake now and giving him kisses! She told Colt to hold her hand in this picture! It was the cutest thing! Poor girl didn't understand that Colt doesn't quite know how to do that yet!
Love our cute kids!

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