January 10, 2013

2 1/2 Years Old

Little Miss Mallory is 2 & 1/2 Years Old today! My little precious angel baby is growing up! :(
Mallory is such a sweet girl! She is always so fun and loving to be around.
She doesn't get into things that shes not supposed to (She didn't even TRY to touch one Christmas decoration)
She loves to help "clean" (Pushing the broom around the floor)
She loves to watch "shows"
She will drink basically anything! water/milk/chocolate milk(Pedia-sures)/juice
She loves fruit-fruits(Fruit snacks)
She loves anything neigh-neigh (Horses)
She loves McDonalds play-place and playing with her friends
She loves to play with Colton. She tries to get him to hold her hand!
She sleeps GREAT in the car & she sleeps through the night!
She wears size 2T pants for the length but we have to tighten the waist 6 times to get it to fit around!

Mallory's next physical is not until she is 4 years old so I did my own measurements! She picked he own outfit out for her picture! Silly girl!

Mallory weighs 24 pounds! Yay!! Her head is 18 inches around!

Love our tiny girl!

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