February 9, 2013

The Last 2 Weeks

Here are a few random pictures from the last 2 weeks or so!
We went to my parents house for Super Bowl Sunday!
Poor Papa spent some of his TV watching time holding Colton like this! :)
Papa and Nonna love to hold Colty & Cash money by each other so they can play!
I took Mallory & Colty to the $3 movies with Jackie (Brixton/Brynley) & Julie (Roxy/Lacey)
Colty is getting big enough to be held on my hip now! Yay!
Makes doing things with one hand easier!
We have been going on lots of walks! We try to go in the afternoons when its not too cold outside but it still gets a little chilly! Can't wait for summer time!
Colty is loving his play area! This specific morning, Mallory decided it was party time at 5:15am!
How can you be mad at that cute face! 
Colt has been happy!
Playing on his stomach!
Morning snuggles! Poor Colty is always blinded by the flash on my cell phone!
Looking forward to Newport next weekend!

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