February 25, 2013

Last week or so!

Here are few "everyday" pictures from the last week and weekend!
The weather was beautiful on Saturday! It was 72 degrees! The kids and I had a great time playing outside while Dustin cut down the dead leaves off of his banana plants!
 Mallory has had a bigger interest in her hair lately. She has been asking me to put it up like Mommy's! Poor girl! Her hair is so cute and curly! Unfortunately, it does not grow long and down. It only seems to bigger...fluffier! It is soo cute on her though! We have been doing tiny puffs on top! She loves it! Maybe by the time she goes to kindergarten, it will be long! Maybe..
 We ate at a new restaurant. Casa De Tamale. It was amazing! The best guac I have ever had!
 Daddy holding both his cute kids! Fresh out of the bath in their jams! So cute!
Mallory is trying to tell Colt to turn and smile for the picture! She is hilarious!
Colt is blinded by my flash every time! Hence the face!
 Snuggle time!
We love to read books and pray in Mallory's room before she goes to sleep!
Love when Mals wakes up in the morning and comes into my room to snuggle until Colty wakes up!
 She sure does love him!
Colty loves the activity center! He is so good about playing in it for little bit at a time! I am able to fix Mallory and I something to eat or get dressed! He loves to go for walks too! Yay!
We also went to the $3 movies with both kids! Ha. Crazy, I know! They did amazing though!
I was dying to get out of the house and both grandparents were busy so we just took the kids! We saw Wreck it Ralph! Mals sat nicely the whole time eating her popcorn kids meal and Colt slept the first hour and I may or may not have just nursed right there in the back row for the last part of the movie to keep him quiet! Ha! It was fine though! He didn't make a sound! Yay! I got a picture of Mals and Dust at the movie but my flash wasn't on so its too dark! I'll try and fix it!

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