February 20, 2013

5 months old!

Colty Colt is 5 months old today!!! Time sure does fly around here!
Colton is such a fun, cute smiley and happy baby! (You wouldn't know it by the pictures I take because the flash blinds him every time! I'm gonna take the next picture outside in the light!)
He does not have an official physical this month with Dr Jones so I weighed him myself! This boy is a chunky 16.5 pounds! (With his clothes on)
Some of Colton's LOVES/Likes are:
*Tummy time! He likes to be on his tummy! I put him on his back and he instantly rolls over to his stomach! Silly boy!
*Eating! Colt loves to eat real food! Some of his favorite foods are apples, pears, carrots, mixed berry, banana/apple/cherry and pineapple!
*Bumbo. Colt does great sitting in the bumbo. I think he likes how he can see everyone better
*Activity Center. Colt does sooo good in the activity play thing! He likes to look all the different toys and try to eat them!
*His Hands! Colt loves to eat his hands and any toy he can get a hold of! He is a drooling machine! We have to constantly keep bibs on him for this reason!
Some of Colton's Dislikes:
*The car seat! Poor guy! No matter what I do, he screams in his carseat! I made sure he was sitting in the correct position so hes not too far up or laying too low. I make sure the straps are not too tight on his shoulders. Still angry! I try to sit back there when Dustin drives, give him toys, try the pacifier, and shake the seat gently! Still angry! Therefore, we do not travel longer than 15 minutes because I  he might die!
*The pacifier! So apparently some kids just don't like the pacifier! I'm over it...kinda! He would be so much easier to soothe if he would take it!
*Bath Time! Oh goodness! Who doesn't love a nice warm bath to relax before bed?! Apparently, my child! I tried putting him in the tub without water first, no good. I tried getting in the big tub with him, still angry! I tried barely barely warm water thinking it was too hot, still mad! So we just do bath time very fast and only every other night or every 3 days!

Colton still loves to breastfeed so that's good! He loves to be held..mostly standing up, which is fun. He loves to be talked to and loves when Mals and I sing her nursery songs! 
Colton LOVES his big sister! He follows (with his eyes) her everywhere she goes!
When I'm busy doing something and he is playing on the ground and he gets a little fussy, Mallory will go over and talk to him and Colton perks right up! She likes to hand him toys and show him how to use it! Its so fun to see her be a "mommy" to him!
I didn't realize how much she paid attention to how I "mommy" him until recently! Its hilarious to see her mimicking me!
Mal will tell Colton in the same high voice I use: "It's okay brother, don't cry, Mal Pal's got you!" Mallory will say "Colty, watch me, watch me!"
She wants him to play with her so desperately! I try to tell her he's too little when shes trying to get him to "high five" her for doing a good job going potty on the toilet!
Mallory wants Colt to put his hand in with me, her and Dust and say "Go Team Dora".
Mallory has also picked up on some of the not-so-appropriate-for-kids things I say! For example...oh goodness, maybe I shouldn't even post about it..ha...Ok I'm over it...I don't always use the correct terms for your private areas so when Mals was complaining about her privates hurting, I asked her if her crotch hurt..oops, my bad! Also, when I first started breastfeeding I would complain to Dustin that my boobs hurt or that Colton was pulling them when he would detach and stop feeding. Now Mallory will occasionally ask me if Colty is eating my boobs and if it is hurting!
Apparently, poor Mallory is that child that says inappropriate things for her age and now parents won't let their kids play with her! Oops again!
Sometimes when Dusty is joking with me and I think what he is saying is dumb, I say: Oh stop, you're stupid. Guess, I'll have to stop saying that! Mallory has told Dustin he was stupid twice since! Oh dear.
Oh sorry, this became the Mallory show....once again!
Well I might as well share a few more things since my mind is flowing today!
Everyday when Mallory gets up in the morning or after her afternoon nap, I like to tell her: "Good morning sister! Did you have a good night sleep/nap?" She smiles and says yes or sometimes she doesn't answer at all (shes not really a morning person). Now she likes to run down the hall and say: "Colty awake now Mom, Colty awake now Mom" and once we get in the room to pick him up, Mals will tell Colty: "Did you have a good sleep?" Sooo cute!
She also likes to tell people to be quiet when he is sleeping and announce when hes crying/screaming which is fun. Occasionally, when she is tired, she asks me to put him down and cuddle her. I love those moments! She has always been a cuddly girl! I rocked her to sleep every night before Colt was born. Every now and then I still do for nap time, if Colt is already napping!
Sure do love our two kiddos! How can I not talk about Mals when I talk about Colton?! And brag on Colt when I talk about Mals!?
Those two are always together!

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