November 11, 2013

Date Nights

I've been trying to take more pictures on our date nights but Dustin doesn't like his picture taken.
I don't always feel like I look my best or want my picture taken either but I want to remember these times together. I enjoy our time just the two of us. I love love love to spend time with the kids but they will eventually grow up and move out and I don't want to not "know" Dustin from years of neglect.....well anyway!
On Veterans Day, we went on a day date! We ate at Texas Roadhouse. Nonna watched the kids! :)
Dustin had the opportunity to bring the military truck to have for display for the Veterans and so the restaurant gave us 2 free dinner tickets! Yay! :)
Love a good steak dinner. Love it even more when it's free!!
Here's Dustin in the truck on the way home!

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