November 29, 2013

Christmas Decorating

I'm so excited to decorate our new house!
We put up a fun little Christmas Tree with lights outside. We didn't light the whole house this year!
We put up a fake tree this year. :( Ugh! I love a real tree. especially the smell!
It's easier and cheaper. Dustin loves it...we'll see!
Mallory had a great time helping Mom! She's so fun. I loved seeing where she thought the bows and bulbs should go. 
Colty has been trying to attack the tree all day! We finally just removed the bottom ornaments from the bottom half of the tree! Crazy boy!
We started Elf on the Shelf today!! I'm excited to try it with Mallory!
Our Elf, Buddy, only does nice things! :)
Mallory thought Buddy was the best thing ever!


Buddy the Elf has come to visit everyday so far this month but I keep forgetting to take pictures! 

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