November 21, 2013

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was my 26th birthday!
Omg. This is the first time I have actually felt like I am getting older. So weird!
Dustin took me to see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. :)
(We saw the 1st Hunger Games last year for my birthday)

Saturday, we went to get new chairs for the dinning room table! :)
The chairs we used at the old house, we are now using at the bar!
 Sunday, we went over to my parents house for my favorite meal: homemade stroganoff!
Yum!!!! We had pumpkin pie for dessert!! Mallory loved it, mostly the whip cream! 

 My parents got me a Keurig!! It's technically a coffee machine but it makes hot chocolate, tea and hot apple cider! Its very fancy!! I'm super excited!

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