June 21, 2013

Weekly Pictures

Colton's new obsession is water bottles!!!
Mallory is just having a ball bathing in the sink! She won't let me give them a bath in the tub!! Crazy girl!! 
Dustin and I took the kids to see Monsters University in 3D! Mallory did great as usual! Colton slept during half of it! He also does great! 
Mallory and Brixton with their 3D glasses! Soo cute!!

  Mallory and Dustin went on a Daddy/Daughter date night. They went to Pets Mart to see the fish and to Target for some popcorn. These are a few of Mals favorite things to do!
We went to ToysRUs to buy a new swing and saw this cute bike! I think I know what I'm going to get Mallory for her birthday now!! Yay!! Doesn't she look huge here!!?!
The new swing!! This way Colton can swing too!! Here is Mallory pushing him!!
Mallory is a little daredevil! Having a fun day!
We've been outside all week!!! Such great weather!!
Mallory and her fluffy dress!! So cute!!

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Kacey said...

Cutttte! And funny when Brycie and I went on a "date" the other day he chose Petsmart as well! Lol