June 14, 2013

Weekly Activties with the kids

Brooke and I took the kids to the $3 Movies! We saw The Croods!!
Mallory loved the movie and did great sitting there, just eating her popcorn kids meal!!
The kids and I had to run shopping and I forgot the Mall doesn't open until 10am, so we rode Spiderman until I ran out of quarters! 
I dressed the kids up in their "flag" shirts from Old Navy for Flag Day! So cute!!
The kids and I went to the zoo. Brooke & Cash, Jaclyn, Brixton, Brynley and grandma Linda came too!
The kids LOVE the sea lion cove! So neat!
Brixton and Mal are soo cute together! 

Nonna & Papa Stan bought Colton this cool Airplane theme rocking chair!! Mallory loves it even though its for baby Colt. He won't be big enough for it for a while!
Colton is wearing size 12 month, 2 piece PJ's now!! :(
How do kids get sooo big sooo quick!! He seems huge now without his footie jams on! 

Love these wild haired boy!

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