June 20, 2013

9 Months Old!

Our little guy is 9 months old today!!
Time sure is flying!
Colton is soooo mobile now!! He is crawling like crazy! He can even go up and down the step between the playroom and the kitchen. He can pull himself up on everything!! He loves to follow Mallory around. He likes to "grab her stuff"! She hates it and constantly tells me to come get him! Mallory thinks all the toys are hers and that Colton can't have them!
Colton has been pushing around the walking toy too so I'm sure he will be walking by his first birthday!! Yay!
Colton sure likes to eat!! Well, I mean LOVES to eat!!
He will try anything!! It's a very nice change from Mallory who doesn't like to try new things!
Colton likes bananas, mandarin oranges, avocado, pasta, applesauce packets, and puffs.
A few "controversial" items I feed Colton are peanut butter toast, almond milk and honey!
Dr Jones said that children don't have to wait until they are a year old anymore to try these items!
Colton loves peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam! He has been drinking a little almond milk here and there and a little bit of honey on his waffles.
Colton is still nursing! Going great! He also takes the bottle during the two days I work!
Colton still does NOT have any teeth!! My goodness! He would have a much easier time eating if he did!!    
He still has lots of hair!! Its about time for another hair cut actually!
Love our easy going boy!!

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