June 17, 2013

Choking Scare!

Colton gave me the worst scare today!! My heart is still racing from earlier!
The morning was going pretty good as usual. Colton woke up around 6:30, I changed his diaper and we ate then Mallory woke up around 7:30. I put some toys out for Colton on the floor in the front room to play with and crawl around while I took Mallory to the restroom and made her a little breakfast in the kitchen.
Well I walk back into the front room and Colton's face is turning colors and he was dry heaving!
I ran over to him (which is like two steps from the kitchen in our tiny house) and picked him up to see what he was choking on. I squeezed his cheeks to get him to open his mouth and he was locking his jaw tight and trying to squirm away. I couldn't see anything to I swiped my finger in his mouth and I couldn't feel anything either. He was looking more back to normal but he was moving his tongue around like there was something still in there. So I laid him down (I know, I know but I couldn't see!!) on the couch and more roughly pried open his mouth. I didn't see anything at first but then at the very back I saw this tiny little sticker!! Oh my gosh!
Now that I knew what I was looking/feeling for, I tried harder to swipe it out. I just couldn't get it up!! He started throwing up at this point from choking it up and down. I got real nervous so I called 911 (my first time ever). Within a few minutes, a cop, a fire truck and an ambulance were all in front of my house. I was able to finally get the sticker out, seconds before the ambulance arrived so luckily I didn't need to wait for them! Agh.
 It was the scariest thing ever! I literally saw his tiny life flash before my eyes. I had so many crazy thoughts running through my head during this 15 minute ordeal. Its my worst fear that my children are going to die during my watch or at the expense of my mothering skills! I generally feel fairly confident in my CPR skills because I have to take the class every year for work. I have all of the compressions and breathing instructions down pat! The only problem is the rules seem to change every year! In the beginning the instructor would tell us to always swipe your child and then last year he said that swiping can cause the object to go down farther. Oh my goodness. So while I was trying to get the sticker out of Colton's throat, these two opposite instructions were running through my mind.
Thank heavens, between his puking and my sweeping, we got it out!!  
Mallory had no idea what was going on so she was just crying and wanting me to hold her but I ignored her until everything was settled. The ambulance noise and all the strange people at our house freaked her out too. Poor girl.
The EMT's checked Colton's heartbeat, blood pressure and temperature and said he looked fine so we didn't need to go to the hospital. I knew this but they still have to check him.
After everyone left, I changed Colton out of his throw up clothes and rocked him and he fell right to sleep. He wasn't fired up at all!
He's such an easy going baby!! I was more fired up about it then he was.
We spent the rest of the day watching Mallory sing to us!! lol. Silly girl.

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