August 28, 2012


Our poor little Mallory had a Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy surgery this week!
Dustin and I decided to proceed with the surgery after talking to an ENT specialist last month. Mallory gets a throat infection at least once a month! Dr Jones said that Mallory has had it 8 times since January and the ENT specialist that she shouldn't be getting it that many times in one year let alone 7 months! We would have waited to see if Mallory might grow out of it but with baby brother coming, we don't want him to catch it and taking her to Dr Jones at least once a month is hard! Dustin and I hate that Mals is on an antibiotic/zovarax/Tylenol for 7 days once a month. The medications are not good for her liver and when she is sick she doesn't eat! So he literally won't eat anything but maybe 1 yogurt all day! We are hoping that by taking her tonsils out that Mallory will be able to stay healthy and happy!
Here is a picture of our cute girl waiting to go back at Children's Hospital.
Mallory did great and has been recovering pretty good so far!

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