August 17, 2012

33 Weeks

Pregnancy week 33 decided to continue week 32's craziness!
Monday- Went in to see Dr Mason to discuss Friday and Saturday's NST/AFI results and steroid shot. Dr Mason said the shot was great and the baby's lungs should be developed by today! The NST's looked good so we will do a repeat on Tuesday. My fluid had gone down on Friday so that was good but Dr Mason wanted to make sure it wasn't going too far down so I had an Ultrasound with his girl Corrie and the fluid was 12 for today! Yay! So not too low and not high! While I was having the ultrasound, Corrie did a quick 3D picture! She printed 2 of them! I took a picture with my phone so its not the best quality! 

Tuesday-Went to Dr Masons for a scheduled NST appointment. The baby's heart rate started out good until he dropped twice in 20 minutes again! My goodness. So Dr Mason said I had to head back to the Hospital to be watched there for 3 hours! :( I headed to the hospital  and got hooked up to their machines. They checked the amniotic fluid again while I was there and it was 15.7. Dr Mason came by on his lunch and said that he just wasn't comfortable with the baby's heart rate! He said that Colton was all over the map. His baseline is always changing. Sometimes he would be around 135 and other times all the way up to 165. He said his heart rate drops because he is either grabbing the cord, pushing up against it or its wrapping around him. This is common for women with the velamentious cord insertion. I ended up being monitored from 1030 am to 630pm! What a long day! They finally let me leave after the baby passed this other test called BBP. They gave the baby a score of 8 out of 8 based on his lung function, body movement and heart rate instead of just the heart rate.
Wednesday- Nothing! Was able to relax at home and organize!
Thursday- Just relaxing and trying to be prepared since it looks like this baby is coming sooner than later!
Friday- Scheduled fluid check, stress test and talk with Dr Mason. I passed the NST today!! Yay! Finally! We only had one tiny heart rate drop so he let me pass! (I was prepared to hang out all the hospital all day! ha) My amniotic fluid was 14.3 today which is great! Its basically the same from Tuesday so that's great! Dr Mason said we would do another NST Monday and talk more than! Here is the 3D pictures Corrie gave me during today's fluid check! She also said baby Colt is measuring 5lbs, 10oz! Yay! He gained almost a whole pound in a week! I scanned the pictures from my printer this time, I think they turned out better!

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