August 10, 2012

Crazy 31&32 Weeks

Pregnancy week 31&32 has been super crazy for us! Here is how the week has gone down!

Monday- Nothing baby related! Took Mals on the Train!
Tuesday- Went to work and then on my lunch went to my regular 2 week check-up with Dr Mason. I gained 1.5 pounds so I am up to 19 pounds now but who's counting. Ha. My blood pressure was great, 110/65. Started my first Non-Stress Test right after the check-up at the office. (I am supposed to do them twice a week at Dr Masons starting this week because of the baby's cord problem.) The NST was going good for the 1st 20 minutes until Colton's heart-rate dropped twice "too" low. Dr Mason said we would continue the NST for an additional 30 minutes to see what happened. Colton's heart-rate dropped 2 more times during that period. Dr Mason said he wanted to send me to Clovis Community Hospital to do a 3 hour NST there because they have better equipment. He also said to not use the restroom and to not eat or drink anything until I'm told it is ok just in case we had to do an emergency C-section. So I started getting a little nervous since this was my first time. Dustin left work and met me there. I had an AFI ultrasound where they were checking the baby and the Amniotic fluid but I didn't know that's what they were doing at the time. Colton's heart rate dropped once at the hospital but after 3 hours they let me go home.
Wednesday- Dr Mason called and said to come into his office on Thursday. He said to go on temporary moderate bed-rest until we decide what is going on.
Thursday- Met with Dr Mason. He said he said the baby's amniotic fluid was high level of 23.4. Normal range is between 5&20. He said it could be a problem but we would check again and see what the level is today. The fluid is more of a problem with my cord condition because it gives the baby more room to move and make a knot in the cord or wrap around the baby's neck! :( Scary! Dr Mason said to do another NST&AFI on Friday at the hospital and come back on Monday to make a new game plan based on the 3 NST's. Dr Mason talked to Dr Helm on the phone and they both agreed that a Steroid shot to develop the baby's lungs would be a good idea since we are not sure when he is going to be born. Later that day I went to my regular 4 week appointment with Dr Helm's office. The ultrasound girl said the amniotic fluid today was 21.3. So it went down a little but still not great. I also found out that day that Colton is measuring at 35 weeks which is great that he is on the bigger size in case he has to come early! She also said he weighs 4 lbs, 12 ounces! Yay! Heres a picture from that appt!

Friday- Went to the hospital to do my AFI/NST. The ultrasound this time showed that Colton's fluid was 18.1. So it went down but this time she said its not necessarily better because it would just be based on the baby's arm placement. She said if his elbow is in the way it can change the number. I don't know, its all very confusing. The NST went great today! We passed no problem! Yay! I got my steroid shot in my left butt check which was fun! ha.
Saturday- Went to the hospital for an additional NST. We passed this one too after 2 hours! Yay! We had one some heart rate drop but it wasn't more than 30 seconds so they said I could go! I had my second shot, this time in my right butt check since my left was on fire! Ha!
So that was my crazy week! I am hoping everything will continue to get better and baby Colton will last a few more weeks! I know our Heavenly Father is looking out for our family and we know that we are blessed!
Monday I will meet with Dr Mason again so hopefully it is good news!
Here is a picture of me doing my first NST. Haha! Very cute, I know. Not. My mom took this picture with her phone. I am so glad that she works at my OB/GYN office, it makes it easy to know what is going on!:)

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