May 1, 2009

Please Welcome...

Today we were able to pick up our new boxer puppy! We are so excited! We got her from the same lady that we got Addison from. We really liked her and think her dogs are really good looking. Addison has such nice lines, great color, never barks, and obeys pretty good.
Before I show the new puppy pictures, here is a picture of Addison in her new favorite spot. She loves to look outside the window thru the screen door until recently when we bought a new couch. The new couch sits in front of our huge window in the front room. Shes been standing on the edge of the new couch so she can look out! She looks so funny! Crazy Girl!

Then when she is all done looking out the window and is tired, she looks like this!

Sleeping on the same couch that she was jusy standing on!
Heres our new puppy! Dustin named her this time! He named her EMILY! We're going to call her EMMY Girl so it can be EMMY & ADDY girl! So cute! She is 8 weeks old today. The previous owners named her diamond because of the spot on the middle of her back!

Emmy seems to like the side of the couch! Shes all tired out from seeing everyone today!


Heather said...

Cute!!!!!! :)

Bryan and Sunny Tringali said...

She is so CUTE!!! I love her new name, and how fun for Addison to have someone to play with!!

The Green Family said...

Your new baby is adorable!!

emily salway said...

I resent that name!!!!!!