May 2, 2009

From Brown to Blue

Today we had the trim of our house painted. We've been wanting to have it painted for a while now. My friend, Jaclyn, from work, her brother, Cody, paints houses so he came by Friday and Saturday and painted our house! It turned out great.
The old brown paint was chipped and faded. Heres a before picture of the house..Hopefully you can tell that it used to be brown.

Now our house is BLUE! I love it! We choose a great color!

Thanks Cody!


Bryan and Sunny Tringali said...

Nice!! Love the color!! By the way, You've been tagged!!! haha

AngelaBeth said...

Yay! It looks good! Glad I found your blog Brit. I'm going to have to drive by and see this (esp since you live so close to me!) so if you see my little red toyota driving round and round your block.. it's just me! heh.