May 17, 2009

California's Great America

This weekend we went to California's Great America Theme Park! My dad's work (PG&E) was having a special there so we went with my family. It was so much fun! PG&E gave us free soda drinks and a free bbq lunch! My favorite ride was the Flight Deck. It was the most smooth and fun ride!

Dusty's favorite ride was the FireFall. I was sick by this time so I did not ride it!

Here is Brent, Dustin and my dad before riding the Grizzly! Such a bumppy ride!

Saturday night after we went to Great America, we swam at the hotel pool and then went to go see a movie. My dad, brother and Dustin went and saw "Star Trek".(That was Dustin's second time seeing it.) My mom and I went and saw "17 Again". I really enjoyed it! It was clean and had a good message.
On Sunday we went to San Fransico. My little brother Brent had never been so we took him to see Pier 39 and the WW2 submarine. We had such a good time. It was so nice to just get away!

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Bryan and Sunny Tringali said...

Sweet!! Looks like you guys had a bomb diggidy time there!!